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Pre-professional Support Services

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Eligibility Requirements 

OSU graduating seniors may apply for the Pre-Professional graduation CORD to wear during their OSU graduation ceremonies if they meet the following minimum requirements for consideration:  
  • Must be in good academic standing.
  • Completed at least 50 volunteer service hours directly related to health or veterinary care, while an undergraduate student at OSU. Hours must be verified and tracked through CampusLink or Give Pulse prior to your application. 
  • Apply for the CORD the semester you graduate from OSU through CampusLink.


  • Who is Eligible? 
    • Any OSU undergraduate student who has earned 50+ hours of unpaid public service volunteer hours directly related to health or veterinary care, while an undergraduate student at OSU. 
    • Hours must be submitted and verified through CampusLink or  Givepulse. We recommend you do this as you earn the hours; do not wait to submit your hours at the end. 
  • What is Considered "Health or Vet" Related Volunteer Service Experience? 
    • Unpaid work/public service in a health or vet related field where you are not directly responsible for patient care but still have patient interaction.  
      • E.g. filling prescriptions, performing clerical work, delivering patient food, cleaning patients and/or their rooms/pens, administering food or medication, taking vitals, record keeping, serving as a language translator with patient/provider, or any other physical/mental/emotional support you are asked to provide as a volunteer to support patients (humans or animals) or support the mission of the health or animal related organization. This can include hospital/clinic/hospice volunteer programs/positions.  


    • Unpaid work/public service in a health or vet related field where you are directly responsible for patient care by applying your healthcare training/skills. 
      • E.g. unpaid work as a scribe, CNA, medical/dental/vet assistant, patient care/pharmacy tech., phlebotomist, EMT, laboratory animal caretaker, etc. 
      • Note: If you are already working in a paid position as a provider, thank you. The Pre-Health/Pre-Vet Cord Program requires 50+ hours of unpaid/volunteer service, so you cannot count the hours you are paid for. You may be able to work with your hospital/clinic/facility to offer your time as an unpaid volunteer to earn service hours or you may consider volunteering your time at a free/low-cost clinic related to your skills/training.  
      • Examples - free/low-cost clinics:  


    • Volunteering with human or animal populations supporting physical/mental health/emotional needs outside hospital/clinic settings. 
      • E.g. unpaid time supporting kids/special needs individuals at summer camp with health issues, spending time with elderly individuals navigating dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other conditions; assisting with health screenings for at-risk populations; volunteering for a blood/plasma drive or at family crisis services/mental health facility/crisis connection hotline; volunteering at an animal agency hosting spay/neuter/vaccination drives, etc. 


    • Volunteering with a hotline/counseling (mental health): many students value the opportunity to develop active listening and counseling skills in these helping roles which relate to the (mental) health needs of the community. 
    • Examples - free/non-profit mental health volunteer involvement opportunities or OSU mental health trainings to prepare to volunteer: 
  • When to Apply? 
    • Eligible students may begin applying at the end of their final semester at OSU. 
      • For Spring/Summer graduates: Applications typically open February 1st and are due May 1st.
      • For Fall graduates: Applications typically open September 1st and are due December 1st.
    • Do not apply until you are graduating. Cords are only awarded your graduating semester. If you apply "early" your application will not be processed and you will be required to complete a new application during your graduating semester from OSU. 
  • What Happens Once I Apply? 
    • After the application deadline has closed, all applicants are screened for eligibility by OSU's Pre-Professional Health & Law Support Services staff. 
    • If your eligibility is confirmed, the Pre-Professional office will email you beginning mid-April/November with details about how to pick up your OSU Pre-Health/Pre-Vet CORD on the OSU-Stillwater campus. 
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