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First-Year Seminar

Teaching a first-year experience course is not like teaching any other course. You will be given many opportunities to teach outside the constraints of traditional course structure and connect with your students to forge lasting bonds. This teaching experience will be fun and challenging for even seasoned instructors. You will discover first-hand your impact on our new students and how much your work matters!

Staff in the Office of Student Success will teach about half the sections scheduled for fall 2024, and faculty and staff from the colleges will teach the remaining sections. All instructors will be provided with a common shell and resources for the course, as well as professional development to aid in becoming familiar with resources and best practices. UNIV 1111 will be a required course for all first-year students. 
  • Expectations of UNIV 1111 Instructors

    PROCESS is as important as content.


    • Frequent and significant faculty/student interaction inside and outside the classroom

    • Early and frequent feedback

    • Class time prioritizes discussion and active learning

    • Participation in UNIV 1111 professional development

      • July 23, 2024 or August 6, 2024

    • Set the tone for students' OSU experience

    • Follow curriculum/meet course outcomes

    • Intentional development of community

    • Flexibility to adopt diverse topics and adapt to emerging contemporary student needs

  • UNIV 1111 Curriculum

    The curriculum of UNIV 1111 First-Year Seminar includes topics that will help students make a successful academic, social, and personal transition to OSU. The information and skills students gain will help them beyond their first year into their major and career. UNIV 1111 students will participate in class discussions, out-of-class activities, guest presentations, and exciting projects.

  • UNIV 1111 Student Learning Outcomes

    At the completion of this course, the student will be able to:


    1. Identify and utilize OSU programs, resources, and services that will support their academic studies and co-curricular involvement.

    2. Know and apply time management techniques and effective learning strategies.

    3. Navigate career development resources by engaging in career/major exploration and exploring career pathways related to a chosen major.

    4. Know and apply university academic rules and regulations.

  • UNIV 1111 Selected Topics

    University-Wide Topics (not in order):


    • "Cowboy Code"

    • Ideal graduate

    • Super Strong Assessment/Career Readiness/Career Fairs/Major and Minor Fair

    • Introduction to course and Canvas

    • Academic integrity/AI, online sources

    • Financial literacy

    • Advising and enrollment


    Suggested College-Specific Topics:


    • Student engagement opportunities: clubs, internships, undergraduate research

    • Major exploration

    • Study abroad

    • Specific career opportunity discussions

  • Qualifications to Teach UNIV 1111

    The minimum qualifications to teach are:


      • Interest in supporting new student transition and unique needs of first-year students,

      • Commitment to attend one training session either on July 23 or August 6,

      • Must be a salaried employee (paid monthly),

      • Approval of supervisor or department chair,

      • Master's degree preferred,

      • Prior experience in college teaching, academic advising, or counseling preferred.

  • Self-Nominate to Instruct UNIV 1111

    To self-nominate to instruct UNIV 1111, fill out this form.


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