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Supplemental Instruction (SI)

The LASSO Center offers a program to help you succeed in challenging courses. It's called Supplemental Instruction, and it's led by your fellow peers in a collaborative study environment. You'll learn cutting-edge techniques that will make your studying experience more engaging and fun.

Why attend SI sessions?

  • Data shows students who attend SI sessions receive higher grades than those who do not.
  • 1 hour of supplemental instruction = 2 hours of independent study.
  • Weekly SI sessions give students the opportunity to consistently break down course material in a small group setting.




SI leader walk-in hours

SI leaders are qualified!

  • Received an "A" in the course. 
  • Have a faculty recommendation.
  • Completed up to 16 hours of international certified training.
  • Weekly lecture attendance.
  • Develop weekly session plans with professors.


Become a si leader!

photo of Elijah Brown

"As an SI leader, I partner with a professor, attend their class, and prepare activities and reviews that I lead students through during three weekly sessions. I also host two walk-in hours each week where students can meet me to review concepts from their courses. SI has helped students overcome anxieties about perfection, allowing them to engage more with their classmates and the subjects of the courses."

- Elijah Brown
SI Leader for General Chemistry II (CHEM 1515)

Our coordinator is certified through the International Center for Supplemental Instruction.

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