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Paul Milburn Tutoring Center

Welcome to the Paul Milburn Tutoring Center. We offer one-hour personalized tutoring sessions for all undergraduate OSU students who need some help with their courses. Our team of tutors is made up of students who have excelled in their own courses and have received a recommendation from an OSU faculty member before being approved by the LASSO Center staff. We're here to help you succeed, so don't hesitate to reach out!

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do you know if tutoring is offered for your course(s)?
    Log in to the Student Portal, go to your profile and "class schedule." If tutoring is offered for the class, it says "LASSO" to the right of the course.
  • Where do you meet your tutor?

    Appointments occur in person or virtually. In-person appointments meet in the basement of the Classroom Building. Check in with the front desk in 021 Classroom Building, and they will pair you with your tutor. If you are scheduled to meet virtually, you will receive a confirmation email and a reminder email with your tutor's Zoom link. 

  • How can you have a successful tutoring experience?

    Come ready to learn! Make sure you have all the materials for your course at hand. Do your best to have clear ideas about where you feel you need the most help. Be open and honest with your tutor during a session. Don't expect to be given answers, but a process that helps you gain clarity and develop the tools necessary to succeed at the subject being discussed. 

  • Will you always have the same tutor?

    Due to scheduling logistics, we can't guarantee you will. However, you can select your tutor when you make an appointment. If you prefer a particular tutor, consider scheduling your appointments in advance.

  • How do you cancel a tutoring appointment?

    To cancel an appointment, click the appointment link in your confirmation email and select cancel registration or email us at For last-minute cancellations, call the front desk at 405-744-3309. Please cancel your appointment by 8 p.m. the night before your session to give tutors appropriate notice of the cancellation.

  • What is the deadline for scheduling a tutoring appointment?

    Appointments must be made at least 12 hours in advance to allow our tutors to be prepared for each session.

  • Will tutors help you with a take-home quiz, online quiz or homework?

    Tutors are not permitted to assist with take-home or online quizzes or exams, but they can help you prepare for them. Assignments can be used as a starting point to identify areas you may need assistance. Tutoring sessions are focused on helping you understand your coursework rather than on completing it. 



Tutoring Options

Tutoring for NOC Gateway Students

This form is for students currently enrolled in the NOC-OSU Gateway Program who want to receive tutoring from the LASSO Center.

NOC Tutoring Request

Tutoring for Math Placement Exam

Tutors can help you prepare for the math placement exam. To make an appointment click the link below, scroll down to "M," and find "Math Placement Preparation."

Make an appointment

Tutoring Course Request

Please complete our Course Request Form if you need help with a course not listed on the tutoring page. If a tutor cannot be identified, LASSO Center staff will gladly provide you with alternative options when available.

Course Request Form
photo of Savana Winkler

"I enjoy being able to help students get through their introduction science courses because I remember how intimidated by the courses I was when I took them. Sometimes, students feel less anxious talking to another student then their professor, and LASSO tutors aim to help students understand which approach to learning is best suited for them and the best way for them to study."

- Savana Winkler
Lead Biology Tutor

CRLA Certified

The Paul Milburn Tutoring Center at Oklahoma State University has achieved the requirements for a Level I Certified Tutor

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